Full Professor
Department of Information Engineering
Room 23 - Via Branze, 38
University of Brescia
25123 - Brescia, ITALY

Research Activities

Dr. Sisinniís current research activity mainly focuses on Real-Time Networks, Wireless Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks, Industrial Communications. In particular, his research interests include:

  • Real-time systems
  • Factory Communication
  • Wireless networks and sensor networks
  • Smart grids communications
  • Embedded systems design
  • Smartdevices applications
  • Real-Time Communication protocols

Master degree thesis are available on these topics. A brief overview is available here. For any further information contact me by email.

Dr. Sisinni collaborates with the CSMT Scarl for technical activities of the first Italian Competence Centre for PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologie (PICC), officially accredited by PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International).
The PICC mission is to disseminate, support, and offer consulting about PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies. The Competence Centre of Brescia is also an accredited PI Training Centre (PITC) since 2007, offering certified PROFIBUS and PROFINET courses.

Dr. Sisinni is a member of the research group on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SMART SENSORS at the University of Brescia, managed by Prof. Alessandra Flammini.




Additional information on the group activities are available:

Work in progress...




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